• Join us for Art After Hours: First Tuesdays on June 2. The evening kicks off with a curator-led tour of The Doctor is In: Medicine in French Prints. As the medical profession evolved during the 19th century and began to resemble modern practices and standards (with some advancements that continue to benefit society today), doctors and the field itself became popular subjects for artists, who documented the breakthroughs, as well as the foibles. The tour is immediately followed by the final selection in the Big Ten: Art series. AlterEgo, an energetic group of medical professionals from the administrative offices to the operating room, performs a repertoire of rock and roll – mixed with blues, funk, and other groove-inspired genres – that spans from the 1950s to the present. 5 to 9 pm. Free admission and complimentary refreshments.

  • Lokuta met Segal in 1984 at the sculptor’s studio, located on his family’s farm in South Brunswick. The photographer soon returned to shoot a professional portrait, sparking an artistic alliance that would engage him for more than 16 years and result in nearly 15,000 negatives. The second installment of this two-part exhibition, on view May 23 to July 31, focuses on Segal at work on his iconic figures.


    And on your way to the museum entrance, visit Walking Man, a new, permanent outdoor installation by George Segal at the refurbished northwest corner of George and Hamilton Streets.

  • Picturing War: Selections from the Zimmerli Art Museum Collection provides visitors the opportunity to reflect on specific battles and how they factor into broader themes. With nearly 130 prints, paintings, photographs, and sculptures by more than 50 artists, the emphasis is on the daily lives of soldiers and civilians: their moments of turmoil, but also their compassion and determination. Documenting the great civil and global wars of the modern era – some created on the frontline, others through the lens of history – the exhibition draws from the museum's diverse collections of American, European, Japanese, and Russian and Soviet art.


  • Free Admission

    The Zimmerli is open to the public and now offers FREE general admission to all visitors.