Teacher Resources for the Classroom

These classroom resources, many inspired by the museum’s Teacher Workshops based on the museum’s collection and exhibitions, make art relevant to K–12 teachers from all disciplines.

Portraits, Role Play, and Writing

The visual arts, so often excluded from the core curriculum, can aid in the acquisition and honing of good writing skills. In this resource, students will use nonverbal and verbal means to analyze, describe, and interpret a work of art; describe the setting, characters, and actions depicted in a work of art by writing a narrative; write a story inspired by the details depicted in a work of art; and respond to a work of art with empathy. It derives from the Zimmerli’s signature Teacher Workshops on Writing and the Visual Arts, developed in collaboration with the National Writing Project at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Designed for grades 6-12.

Lesson Plan: Portraits, Role Play, and Writing (PDF)