Resources for Pre K-12 Educators

Programs for Pre K-12 Educators and Students

Teacher Workshops • Tours • Preschool Storytelling

The museum's education department works closely with Pre K–12 teachers to plan tours of the collection and exhibitions that complement classroom learning for students. In addition, workshops are offered to equip educators with the professional development opportunities needed to integrate art and aspects of the museum into their curriculum.

Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshop
Tuesday, April 19 / 4-7pm

Offered in conjunction with Celebration of Storytelling, Julie Pasqual presents “How to Tell a Moving Story!” In this workshop, Pasqual explores how to tell a tale with more than just the voice. Participants learn how to unlock the storyteller’s secret weapon – their body! Through experiential work, participants have the opportunity to work on a folktale in a physical way by examining natural movement patterns and gestures, as well as physicalizing archetypical characters found in folktales. This workshop provides teachers with the tools they need to create their own stories and add new dimensions to their storytelling styles. Participants receive three professional credit development hours. Light dinner is included. The workshop is free but seating is limited and reservations are required. Registration opens Monday, February 1.

Register here.

Supported in part by the PNC Foundation and delivered in support of its signature cause in early childhood education, PNC Grow Up Great 

School Group Tours

Tours are free for children under 18, college/university students, and their teachers and chaperones. Tours should be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. 

Interactive guided school group tours of the Zimmerli are offered Tuesday through Friday for students in grades K–12. With thousands of original artworks and educator-led discovery tours, a trip to the Zimmerli offers an ideal opportunity to reinforce the school curriculum.

To request a school group tour, download and return the Group Tour Request Form.

Supported in part by Art Within Reach

Preschool Storytelling

Celebration of Storytelling
Tuesday, April 19 and Thursday, April 21 / 10-11am (Registration for both sessions is now closed)

The Zimmerli is pleased to welcome Julie Pasqual as the guest performer. Pasqual’s performances are infused with physicality and movement from her dance training, comic moments from her work in clowning, a deep love of language from her work as an actress, and a love of world cultures and folktales born from her travels. Using all of her performance skills, and a spirit of playfulness, Pasqual brings stories to audiences of all ages. When not telling tales, she can be found performing with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care hospital program, bringing joy and fun to hospitalized children and their families. She is also a registered yoga instructor who teaches at several studios and women’s shelters.

This year’s program focuses on movement and using the whole body to tell a story. Pasqual presents “Loud and Rowdy Tales,” which features a collection of world stories that require the audience to dance, stomp, and shake. This program is ideal for getting children excited about stories and characters, all while using their bodies as a means for communication. 

Celebration of Storytelling is free and open to preschool-aged classes, as well as individuals (appropriate for ages 3 to 5 years old). Seating is limited and reservations are required by emailing Children who are not part of a school group must be accompanied by an adult.

Register here.

Preschool Storytelling by Reservation

Throughout the year, the Zimmerli offers preschool storytelling days to community schools from Tuesday through Friday, between 10 and 11:15am. Each session includes 30 minutes of storytelling, an age-appropriate museum tour, and a drawing activity. Storytelling days are available by appointment and free of charge to any preschool group of 45 students or fewer.

Supported in part by the PNC Foundation and delivered in support of its signature cause in early childhood education, PNC Grow Up Great