Rutgers students at Zimmerli Museum

Rutgers Students

Admission to the Zimmerli is FREE

As a teaching museum, the Zimmerli supports the training of more than 45 undergraduate and graduate students each year through internships for class credit, fellowships, the federal work-study program, part-time employment, and volunteer opportunities. A variety of academic resources, including the Morse Research Center for Graphic Arts, are also offered to Rutgers faculty, students, and visiting scholars. Students interested in getting involved with the museum on a social and programming leadership level may serve on the Zimmerli Student Advisory Board (ZSAB)

Fellows and Graduate Assistants  Work Study 

Fellows and Graduate Student Assistants

The Zimmerli supports from five to six graduate students each year with a stipend, health insurance, and tuition remission. This program includes Dodge Fellows for the study of Soviet nonconformist art; the Dodge Lawrence Fellows for general assistance with the Russian and Soviet art collections; and a graduate curatorial post focused on academic programs and special exhibitions. The award of these fellowships is made by the Department of Art History at Rutgers in tandem with the Zimmerli.

Federal Work-Study Program

Work-Study is a financial aid program funded by the federal government and Rutgers University.The purpose of the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is to place financially eligible students in part-time employment, allowing them to earn funds while attending college.To be considered for Federal Work-Study funds, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadline and be financially eligible according to federal and university policies. Eligible students are notified about Federal Work-Study funds in the Financial Aid Offer Letter, with additional instructions in the Award Letter Guide. Job placement notification begins in June and continues throughout September. Students must file a FAFSA each year and continue to be financially eligible to participate. For details, visit the university website.

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