New Semester, New Exhibitions

Did you submit photos to HereNow: Rutgers 250? Stop by and see them hanging in the museum! Then join us on February 2 at Art After Hours: First Tuesdays to celebrate the exhibition, which is part of the Zimmerli's first crowdsourced project.


Early Adopters? Honoré Daumier and the Art of La Caricature and More than Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Warhol’s Prints and Photographs demonstrate how these artists - working nearly 150 years apart - took advantage of new technologies to disseminate their work to the masses, influencing the views and tastes of their contemporaries. Daumier and Warhol also established legacies that remain relevant in today’s visual political commentary and pop culture, particularly in the seemingly endless supply of (and appetite for!) ideas through social media.


See It Now! Vagabond Artist: “Pop” Hart in Tahiti, Mexico, and the Caribbean closes February 7.


Music at the Museum spotlights the talents of Mason Gross faculty members. On Sunday, February 21, “Chamber Music for Tenor, Violin, and Piano” features Jing Yang (piano), Christopher Sierra (tenor), and Julie Castor (violin) at 2pm. In addition, Jing Yang presents a preconcert forum at 1pm. Organized by the Mason Gross Extension Division and hosted by the Zimmerli. Admission is free, but seating is limited.

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