Artists' Shout Outs to Fellow Artists

The recently opened Impressions: Prints of Mexico, 1930s-40s / Impresiones: Estampas de México, 1930s-40s examines the era following the Mexican Revolution (1910-20), when the country became a cultural destination for travelers from around the world. Numerous artists visited the country to witness its internationally renowned mural movement and a flourishing printmaking community, as well as find inspiration for their own work. The exhibition features 40 prints by Mexican and foreign artists that captured the people, traditions, and history of Mexico for primarily American audiences.


Visit Friends (For Ree) by Alex Da Corte any time! Installed on the front of the building, it is the current flag featured in Pledges of Allegiance, a nationwide public art project by Creative Time. Each of the 16 flags in this commissioned series is created by an acclaimed contemporary artist to reflect the current political climate. Share your pics on social media with #PledgesOfAllegiance, tagging @CreativeTimeNYC and @zimmerliartmuseum on Instagram and Facebook, as well as @creativetime and @zimmerlimuseum on Twitter.


Born in Camden, NJ, Da Corte designed the flag as a replica of a drawing made by Ree Morton sometime between May 1974 and June 1975 as part of a project idea called "Something in the Wind." The physical version of this flag was never realized, although many other flags were made with her friends’ names on them. In celebration of Ree and all of the friend families we form, may we grow stronger and stranger everyday.

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