Creating a Paper Paradise: Illustrations for Dear World by Takayo Noda

Takayo Noda: Illustration for Dear World
Sep 01, 2005 - Feb 05, 2006
Duvoisin Gallery

Takayo Noda’s simple, direct poems call on memories of her childhood and voice her feelings about aspects of the world in which we live. Her illustrations express these joyful and tender feelings in brilliantly colored, lyrical works on paper. The exhibition includes preparatory materials used by the artist to develop complex compositions in shallow relief created from painted cut paper and handmade paper.

Hands-on activities are available for visitors to the gallery.

Takayo Noda
Illustration for Dear World
Watercolor and paper construction on board
Gift of the artist, ©Takayo Noda, 2003
Used with permission of Dial Books for Young